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Policy Workshops and Masterclasses

Policy masterclass - Raising awareness of social innovation policy principles and how to apply them
  • Special one day workshops designed to create awareness of the value of social innovation policy approaches amongst participants in response to a variety of locally-defined policy priorities and themes.
  • SIC partners ran 10 Policy Master Classes in a number of locations across Europe with the goal of accelerating the policy impact of our community. 

Examples of SIC policy masterclasses: 

  1. ‘Social Innovation Policy - Where Next?' workshop, led by Nesta, (Lisbon, 28th November 2017)  
  2. Introducing Social Innovation Policies in Gipuzkoa, led by EHU/UPV (San Sebastian, 20th October 2017)

  3. Introducing Social Innovation Policies in the University field led by EHU/UPV (San Sebastian, 6th November 2017)

Read more about the SIC Policy Masterclasses in our report here

Participatory Idea Generation Workshops

Between October 2016 and March 2017, SIC ran seven participatory policy idea generation workshops in several EU locations. The participatory policy methodology piloted in these workshops aimed at helping policymakers, social innovators and others collaborate to better understand and explore new ways of approaching policy issues together using social innovation methods or approaches.

The Idea Generation Workshops had three key objectives:

  • To bring together a diverse group of policymakers, social innovators and other relevant stakeholders to try out participatory approaches to exploring an identified policy issue
  • To create opportunities for policymakers and/or social innovators to explore where social innovation tools, principles and approaches could be used to make better policy
  • To gather policy insights about the opportunities and challenges to develop social innovation policy ideas in future  

A total of seven participatory policy activities (‘Idea Generation Workshops’) were successfully organised and delivered by SIC partners on the following SI policy areas (click the links below to find out more):

  1. Ways in which public and social innovation can help create a more inclusive economy (Nesta and CrESSI project partner, Oxford University, London, 27th January 2017)
  2. What policies are needed to support urban social innovations? (SIL, Zagreb, 21st February 2017)
  3. Introducing service design and social innovation methodologies in the public sector for housing service solutions (UNIBO, Torino, 22nd February 2017)
  4. Foresight and policy workshop on social innovation for poverty reduction and sustainable development (DTI, partnered with the FP7 SI-DRIVE project, London, 23-24th February 2017)
  5. Social Innovation and Active Aging – Ways in which social innovation can contribute to leading more active and healthy lives through the development of new active ageing policies (Sinnergiak Social Innovation (UPV/EHU), San Sebastián, 1st March 2017)
  6. How do we want to evaluate citizen science? (ZSI, Vienna, 3rd March 2017)
  7. Human-centred approaches to support refugee integration (Nesta and Migration Hub Network, Berlin, 9th March 2017)

You can read our full report about SIC's Policy Idea Generation Workshops here


Photo Credit: Rawpixel Ltd (Flickr) via Compfight cc