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About SIC's Learning Relays

SIC's learning relays are a new way of learning through small communities of practice.  

With our SIC learning relays, we invite you for something new: an experimental set up in which we combine a face-to-face thematic workshop, with an online learning relay in which participants will activate each other's knowledge and networks to crowdsource input for each other's challenges.

Reflective learning 

The relays offer a different type of learning. Moving from reactive learning that many faces during the development of Social Innovation, towards reflective and reflexive learning.  Zooming out with a systems-thinking lens and zooming in: deepening the learning capacity of yourself and your initiative.

Format & Programme

Each relay kicks-off with a face-to-face thematic workshop. During the workshop, you will get to know the other participants, deepen your learning question and form smaller groups before embarking on the learning relay.

The relay period consists of 4-5 rounds of one week, during which the groups provide input to the learning question of one of their teammates.  

Ripple effect assignment

During the relay period, participants will be encouraged to organise a ripple effect activity. For instance, co-organising a webinar in collaboration with SIC partners, applying one of the participatory tools to your initiative, or another type of intervention.

A series of relays

The Social Learning Relay on Transformative Impact is part of a series of three (separate) Relays, each with a different thematic focus, location, and group of participants.

Relay #1 – Impact: kick-off workshop 15th of November 2017 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Relay #2 – Experimentation: kick-off workshop 15th of March 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia

Relay #3 – Funding: kick-off workshop 21st of September 2018 in London, United Kingdom

What SIC will provide

We will provide theoretical framing and content during the kick-off workshop and a fertile ground to spark continued interactions and knowledge exchange. We will also provide an online platform to showcase your initiative and learning process, access to people in networks of SIC partners and support during the relay (reflection and suggestions).


The Learning Relay Toolkit

In preperation of the three Relays DRIFT developed a ' Learning Relay Toolkit' that was used for organising the three relays and updated with the learnings that took place. The  updated version of the Toolkit will be added to the Learning Repository but can already be accessed via these links:

  1. SIC’s Social Learning Relays: Concept & Format
  2. Rules of the Game
  3. Facilitators Roles
  4. Ripple effect assignments
  5. Dare To Ask Tool

More information

The relay concept has been developed by DRIFT as part of SIC. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Marijke de Pous via or +31 (0)649869542 or Julie Munk via +44 7432152914