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What SIC offers

We provide regular opportunities for actors working in different roles and fields to meet, share and collaborate, both online and in person. If you want to get involved in any of these activities, or replicate these model in your own context, get in contact


SIC Summer school - Co- creating solutions together

  • Two day deep dive events where researchers, social innovators, citizens and policymakers from different networks will meet, co-produce and share knowledge by reflecting on current hot topics in the field. Find out more here!

Policy masterclass - Raising awareness of policy principles and how to apply them

  • Special one day workshops designed to create awareness of the value of social innovation policy approaches amongst participants in response to a variety of locally-defined policy priorities and themes.

  • Our Network Facilitators are running 10 Policy Master Classes across Europe, designed to accelerate the policy impact of each network. Find out more here!

Experimentation Centres - High impact city based experiments with open innovation principles

  • We promote grassroots and institutional experiments in cities to develop social innovation competencies in countries and regions where there are currently fewer SI actors and to develop practical solutions at the same time.

  • We have hosted ‘experiments’ in Zargeb, Croatia; Bologna, Italy; Oslo, Norway; Parnu, Estonia. Find out more here!

Learning relays - The relays are a new way of learning through small communities of practice.  

  • We support small groups to address complicated issues by working collectively over 3 weeks, using mentoring and participatory learning processes. Through on and offline meetings,  the relay groups work through personal challenges reflecting on practice, developing and sharing models, tools and other resources.

  • We are running 3 learning relays, each with a different focus with the kick off workshop in a different city. Find out more here!

Hot topic workshops - What is hot in research right now?

  • These academic led workshops bring together a diversity of perspectives on topics that are important for research right now. Non-European SI researchers, policymakers and practitioners are actively involved too. 

  • A new one is coming up in Sept. Check this out!