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UpBeat Forum of Social Innovation

The ADP – Zid as leading partner of YouSEE platform for Social innovation in region of Western Balkan, in cooperation with SIC - Social Innovation communities’ network has the pleasure to invite you on the Upbeat Forum of social innovation – vol 2. The forum will be held at the hotel Centre Ville (Cetinjska 7, The Capital Plaza, Podgorica) from 4th to 5th of December.

More than 120 activists, leading creators and practitioners from WB region and Europe will gather in the in capital of Montenegro on celebrating the new approach in development of innovation in community. The Upbeat Forum of Social Innovation enables networking of young people, creators, professionals, business representatives with interests in different areas that respond to community challenges by creating concrete solutions, or they want to achieve it! All those interested in good practice, examples, who want to share their observations, conclusions, recommendations, and thoughts are welcome.

Invited key note Lectures will bring participants closer to the opportunities and perspectives of the community through topics: Social innovation and active labour measures; Civic economy and role of company in development of innovation; Ecosystem for social innovation; Blockchain and positive social impact.

At the forum we will discuss about YouSEE Social Innovation Policy recommendation for next decade, and explore how we should learn, invest and collaborate for a socially innovative Western Balkan.

This event will mark the end of the four-year regional project „The regional platform of civil society organizations advocating social innovation in the field of employment of young people who are at risk of social exclusion“, in partnership with SEEYN, MKC Bitola, Napor, ToG, Lens, BBA, and supported by European Union funds. The project aims to contribute to the creation of public policies that guarantee greater social and economic security and inclusion of young people in society.

For any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail