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Methods and tools

Image of cartoon - where next for social innovation policy in Europe?4 lessons on growing the SI community's policy impactOver the past three years, SIC has tried to give greater policy visibility and support to the many community activists, grassroots initiatives, social organisations and others that we’ve worked with. In this blog we r…31 Jan 2019Practitioner policy tools; Influencing policy; Social innovation policy; #SIDeclaration
Corporate Governance of Social EnterprisesCorporate Governance of Social EnterprisesOn incubation, a working document03 Apr 2012Methods and tools
Maker LabsMaker LabsMakerLab is an open discussion powered by prototyping and making.03 Apr 2012Methods and tools
Enabling Co-operatives to better contribute to growth and jobs Enabling Co-operatives to better contribute to growth and jobs Co-operatives are an important part of European economic life and industry. There are 250,000 co-operative enterprises in the EU, owned by 163 million citizens (1 in 3 EU citizens) and they employ 5.4 million people.30 Apr 2012Methods and tools
Overview on Social Firms in EuropeOverview on Social Firms in EuropeSocial Firms and social co-operatives are unique business models that address the problem of unemployment for people with disabilities and other disadvantages in the labour market.16 May 2012Methods and tools
Learning for ChangeLearning for ChangeFinding ways to significantly accelerate learning from experience of projects for sustainable development22 Jun 2012Methods and tools
A New Perspective on Social Innovation IncubationA New Perspective on Social Innovation IncubationAt a time of great change and uncertainty in Europe, social innovation incubation is much needed to boost the impact of social innovators (including businesses, NGOs, cooperatives and entrepreneurial individuals) to qui…09 Jul 2012Methods and tools
Broadening the range of designs and methods for impact evaluationsBroadening the range of designs and methods for impact evaluationsA working paper from DFID09 Aug 2012Methods and tools


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