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blue hex funnelCrowdsourcing future policy: the FuturiumThinking ourselves into the future of Parenting, Ageing, Health, Digital Engagement, Big Data and Governance23 May 2013Context
green flowerSupport for Social Innovators in Europei-genius and the Social Innovation Park15 Jul 2013Context
red curtainSocial Innovation: Beyond the HypeThe concept of Social Innovation has received an incredible amount of attention in the Netherlands the past few years.26 Sep 2013Context
letters on a map of europeReflections on social innovation in EuropeHow important is the SIE community for social innovators in Europe today?07 May 2014Context
Social Fare logoSIE speaks to SocialFareHow do we innovate and engage?15 May 2014Context
EESC logoSocial Innovation Beyond the StateStudy written by Prof. Maurizio Ferrera and Prof. Franca Maino of the University of Milan05 Nov 2014Context
path choiceFive challenges faced by social innovators in the Netherlands Based on the results of 250 interviews with social innovators concening the problems they face with their project, Arjan Biemans and Erna Bosschart explore the key challenges that were discussed.04 Jun 2015Context
Esencja innowacji społecznychEsencja innowacji społecznychInnowacja społeczna to zjawisko, które rozwija się jednocześnie w wielu miejscach na świecie. Sieć wymiany innowatorów społecznych SIX zrzesza 3000 osób z różnych sektorów, które zajmują się poprawianiem…08 Jul 2015Context
Info map of EuropeComparative Report on Social Innovation across EuropeA comparative analysis of 60 social innovations conducted by SIMPACT.02 Sep 2015Context
pointing pen at graphEU Public Policy, Social Innovation & MarginalisationOne of the primary objectives of the CrESSI research programme is to explore how public policy might better cultivate social innovation to enhance the lives of the most marginalised EU citizens. With this in mind, CrESS…22 Sep 2015Context


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