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Blasting Frankfurt (Heptagon)Creative destruction of the present imperfectBureaucrats also see innovations as a mean to improve increasingly dysfunctional system. Contrary to this, innovation as a phenomenon is by itself an anti-systemic event.27 Jun 2012Context
smiling womanThe Social Innovation DialoguesVodafone host social innovation roundtable.09 Jul 2012Context
flow chartExploring Virtual Social Entrepreneurship Networks The study is framed using Borgatti’s classification of social network research which broadly categorises networks into three layers of analysis: deep (structure), middle (content flow) and surface (relationships).09 Jul 2012Context
office workersDavid Parekh speaks with EurActive about creating innovation ecosystemsSilicon Valley is a concept that is hard to replicate, so Europeans should instead strive to build ecosystems for innovation that rely on investment, talent, leadership and risk, high-tech guru David Parekh tells EurAct…16 Jul 2012Context
hot air balloonAn introduction to GenerativityUnderstanding our commitment to the next generation09 Aug 2012Context
lunch breakHow to move to more Social Innovation? Reflections on social innovation and CSR from Tomas Osburg16 Aug 2012Context
row of booksPractising social innovation: The role of social enterprises This paper presents a comprehensive review of literature surrounding social innovation, social entrepreneurship and the role of social enterprises, and the findings of a pilot study of social innovation in social enterp…23 Aug 2012Context
futuristic node mapMapping the various meanings of social innovationKeywords: social innovation, conceptual literature review, concept clarity01 Oct 2012Context
woman smilingSocial innovation gains new support in Europe Attention is growing on people-centred innovation, which uses a participatory process to find new strategies for difficult problems04 Oct 2012Context
london from aboveSystemic Social InnovationIn conversation with the Social Innovation Europe network05 Oct 2012Context


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