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Fisheye lense- motorwayIntroducing the Social Innovation Europe Research StreamAn introduction to the need for social innovation in Europe, the European Commission's response, and Social Innovation Europe's research contribution to the debates surrounding the field.30 Nov 2011Context
pile of booksAre the Social Sciences and Humanities Capable of Social Innovation?The SSHs have not acknowledged the importance of social technology in developing our society over the years and, hence, the potential that social inventions have for the further improvement of society.30 Nov 2011Context
Fisheye lense- oceanCreating the Global Social EntrepreneurImagine farming in the developing world without fair trade… microfinance without Grameen… cosmetic testing without the Body Shop… teaching in deprived areas without Teach First. Without these social innovations, t…06 Dec 2011Context
man in front of whiteboardEvent Review: Sharing Insight, Shaping ActionOn the 21st of November 2011, a select group of policy experts, academics, practitioners and innovators from across Europe came together to validate the reports produced by the SIE consortium.06 Jan 2012Context
child with abacusThe ABC of Social Innovationan introduction from ISSUU13 Jan 2012Context
leafAn analysis of social innovation discourses in EuropeThis paper captures the on-going debate on defining the concept of innovation in the social sphere as change which is social both in its goal and means14 Feb 2012Context
Weathered growth rings at Aztec Ruins National Monument (Michael Gäbler)CSIknowledge: Organizations without ChangemakersFelix Oldenburg writes that true social solutions should breed co-creators rather than dependants22 Feb 2012Context
ripped euro noteOrthodox Social Economies and the Enemies of Social InnovationOur key consideration herein is not to engage in an academic discourse per se; we would rather wish to unveil the most indicative theoretical and practical attributes of social innovation in Greece, in a way that would…28 Feb 2012Context
street food with textHelsinki Street EatsStreet food describes systems of everyday life. In its sheer everydayness we discover attitudes to public space, cultural diversity, health, regulation and governance, our habits and rituals, logistics and waste, and mo…22 Mar 2012Context
ManosHarnessing the innovation of GreeksGreece today is a nation-wide lab ripe for social innovation22 Mar 2012Context


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