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Fisheye lense- oceanThe Vienna Declaration lays out a Path for Social InnovationThrough the event Challenge Social Innovation, the Vienna declaration was produced. It aims to set out priority areas for work within the growing field of social innovation.03 Oct 2011Context
plant sproutingInnovation After ViennaAssessing the Goals of the Challenge Social Innovation Conference17 Oct 2011Context
Hub milanoWhat is Social Innovation, according to The Hub Milan?Social innovations - and their proponents, social innovators - aren’t exactly something new.20 Oct 2011Context
flag of europeConnecting Europe The EU has announced plans to unify existing trainsport systems on land, water, and in the air. This action shows many of the earmarks of social innovation at a systemic level. Will this work benefit Europeans?24 Oct 2011Context
apartment blockValeur Sociale AjouteeAndrea Bassi, prof de sociologie a l'universite de Bologne discoute la valeur sociale ajoutee avec Jean-Marc Fontan de L'Universite de Quebec a Montreal.01 Nov 2011Context
holland farmlandIdentity and HeritageThe words are familiar to us: Dutch cultural heritage, world heritage and European heritage. But what do they exactly mean?03 Nov 2011Context
finance buildings from belowCSIopinion: CEO of CSR Europe Speaks on Social ResponsibilitySince its inception in the 1990s, businesses have come a long way on Corporate Social Responsibility, says Stefan Crets, executive director of CSR Europe, a network of multinationals involved in CSR policies.04 Nov 2011Context
sky through treesWhy Social Innovators Should Embrace the 'Open' Paradigm Dominic Chalmers explores the opportunity16 Nov 2011Context
Filippo ChinaEurope in Crisis and new Social Business ModelsEurope is undergoing such a dramatic and deep upheaval that the only predictable outcome is substantial change28 Nov 2011Context
Kuba ConvergenceThe State of Social Innovation in PolandWhat are the obstacles to social innovation in Poland? What are the opportunities?30 Nov 2011Context


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