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paperclip on meshEuropean forward-looking activities This report includes additional insights from the European seminar that took place in Brussels on 3 March 201128 Jun 2011Context
all flags in EUEmpowering people, Driving ChangeThis report, by the Bureau of European Policy Advisors at the European Commission, explores new ways of bringing people out of poverty and promoting growth and well-being not only for, but also with, citizens.28 Jun 2011Context
Europe Map on BanknoteReinventing Europe Through Innovation This blog was posted on the Social Innovation eXchange website in October 2009 by Diogo Vasconcelos, Chairman of SIX who died suddenly in July 2011. It marks the launch of the report 'Reinventing Europe through Innovati…26 Aug 2011Context
bee on honeycombThird Sector Added Value in Public Service ProvisionA practical guide to social clauses in the public tendering of social services and people care31 Aug 2011Context
Roel DuringArea Development: An Unfinished ProjectWhat is the role of knowledge in establishing democratic legitimacy?05 Sep 2011Context
Paul HobcraftAn Impassioned Argument for International InnovationPaul Hobcraft considers the alternatives to nation-based innovation09 Sep 2011Context
Paul HobcraftOrganizing Structures that Support International InnovationPaul Hobcraft explores ecosystems that generate innovation09 Sep 2011Context
Roel DuringSocial innovation: linguistic observationsAn exploration of the language that shapes our ability to innovate13 Sep 2011Context
all flags in EUInnovation can't Guarantee National SuccessGreat new ideas, no matter how groundbreaking or potentially valuable, are only the first link in a chain that includes government and corporate allies in an economy that supports risk.20 Sep 2011Context
skyscraper windowsDefining Social InnovationThe term, Social Innovation, is currently riding the waves of success in the social sciences, particularly in Economics, Sociology, and Political Science29 Sep 2011Context


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