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Innovation policies and macro-regional development in health care


Innovation has become a critical policy tool to foster a sustainable, prosperous economy. A lot of research  has been done to find out the role of innovation in economy, how to stimulate innovation, how to measure innovation and how to create a supportive climate to foster innovation. The OECD has undertaken intensive work in measuring innovation and has published a manual about measuring innovation, the Oslo Manual. In the EU strategy Europe 2020 innovation has been put at the center and the Innovation Union is one of seven flagship initiatives for a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. Many countries are trying to apply innovation policies also in respect to the health economy and likewise to keep the balance between cost effectiveness and high quality in health care delivery services. In the domain of telemedicine and eHealth we may ask ourselves what we can learn from the experience in innovation research from other domains and from innovation in health care in particular. The objective of this paper is to give an overview of research and policy development in the area of innovation strategy development in health care and health economy. We will then relate this work to the area of telemedicine and eHealth and discuss the possible role of innovation strategies and innovation dissemination in this domain.


T. Karopka
P. Frank
W. Blank
BioCon Valley GmbH, tk{wb}
Walther-Rathenau-Straße 49a, Greifswald 17489, Germany
ScanBalt f.m.b.a.,
Allegade 14, Frederiksberg, Denmar

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05 Mar 2012