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Spotlight on Slovenia: Banking on Goodwill

Primož Šporarstrokovni direktor of Dobra Borza

The Goodwill Exchange is a response to the lack of resources for the financing of social economy organisations (SOE) in Slovenia.   The purpose of the Goodwill Exchange is to establish a market of demand and supply of financial investment and to strengthen relations between investors, SEO, social innovators and the public sector. 

The Goodwill Exchange provides funding for the financing of social entrepreneurship and “Effective Programmes - EF" (programmes that create savings to public coffers through social innovation modelled on the example of Social Impact Bonds, although without the issuing of bonds).  The Goodwill Exchange has a financial fund from which it provides various forms of finance (bridging, unsecured and investment loans, grants, etc.).  The Goodwill Exchange organises stakeholder meetings ("Goodwill Exchange live") and ensures the flow of information through its web portal.  By creating stock market indices (DBI index, indices of IKA and IKB quotations and programme indices) the Goodwill Exchange facilitates the evaluation of success in the provision of financing. 

The Goodwill Exchange offers SEO a presentation of programmes for which it seeks funding, provides advice when entering into deals with ethical banks (favourable current accounts, bridging funds, etc.) and investors and donors.  It provides advice to SEO on the development of social innovation and social economics/entrepreneurship (drafting of business plans, etc.) and organises relevant training. 

The Goodwill Exchange, in cooperation with banks, offers investors the opening of donation accounts, advises them on investing in SOE activities, and, for amounts exceeding EUR 5,000, offers the opening of a financial fund where the Goodwill Exchange manages assets in accordance with the investor's strategic guidance.  The Goodwill Exchange advises investors on the social needs and credit ratings of the recipients of funds, allows them to be included in innovative financing mechanisms, and maintains their ethics portfolio on their behalf.

For clients from the public sector (ministries, municipalities) and the private sector, the Goodwill Exchange makes an assessment of the costs of a social problem and seeks social innovation to address the problem.  In the case of selected innovations known as "Effective Programmes - EF", for which it enters into public-private partnerships with clients, the Goodwill Exchange supervises contractors and evaluates their performance. 

The Goodwill Exchange advises banks on the development of ethical banking products, promotes banking services among SOE and other clients, includes banks in innovative financing mechanisms and, in cooperation with certifying institutions, assesses the ethical nature of individual banking products (standards). 

Further, The Goodwill Exchange has developed SKUP - Community of Private Institutes – in co-operation with No Profit – innovative society services Ltd, with the financial backing of the Ministry of Public Administration.