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Social entrepreneur Spotlight: Miora Ranaivoarinosy, La Ruche, France

Miora Ranaivoarinosy is Space and Community manager at La Ruche (French for ‘beehive’), where 100 people from all horizons develop social businesses in the heart of Paris. They bring innovative solutions to society’s most complex issues, while developing local economy. Miora joins us at SOCAP/Europe, having received the SOCAP/Europe Scholarship. Learn more about Miora and the work that she does with La Ruche here!

Why are you participating in SOCAP/Europe?

It is important to me to be part of the first edition of this event in Europe. Impact investment is a significant move towards the resolution of persisting problems.

What problem are you addressing? Why should people care?

Through a space like La Ruche we are addressing the need for environments where social entrepreneurs can produce new models: new working principles, management patterns, new products and business models designed to address social issues and new standards of value creation…all this through practice sharing and collaboration. People should care because it is a way to empower each one of us and make us realize that it is possible to act on our future through business, and encourage our entrepreneurial skills without forgetting about meaning and sustainability.

What are the main roadblocks keeping you from your goals?

Social businesses lack solid business models so it can be challenging to sustain a place based on the services that social entrepreneurs pay for, especially when there are high structural costs (real estate, etc.). A wider development of impact invstement for seed money could leverage the thriving of places like ours.

What’s your biggest success of the last six weeks?

15 people showed up at a meeting who wanted to replicate La Ruche in other regions of France.

What could you do with 100k? 500k? with 50k?
  • 100K : finance the set up of a label for spaces for social innovation and create a toolkit for a French network of spaces dedicated to social innovation.
  • 500K : set up 2 other Ruches in the next few years
  • 50K : pay all the staff better to succed in these goals.
What are the 3 most important tools that support your work?
  • All collaborative techniques (art of hosting, creativity methods)
  • Flat structure models, participative mangement
  • Social impact measurement
Who else is addressing your problem? What are they doing well?

Other collaborative spaces have spread in the world such as The Hub, the Center for social innovation. They are good at supplying entrepreneurs with great infrastructure.

What experience was influential in getting you to this place?

I have been observing the emergence of new banks such as Vancity and I was struck by all the possibilities we have to actually put meaning in the way we spend our money.

What should people who want to enter the social capital markets know?

They should know that experimentation is probably better than all metrics. We probably cannot expect things to be as linear as in “classical” finance.

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