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The Social Enterprise

Prof. univ.dr. Lucica MATEI and Cristina SANDU, Ph. D. Candidate


The social enterprise, more and more obvious in society, can be recognized by its mission in society, social objectives, the hybrid character (Nicholls, 2000) and the purpose of the actions with major impact on society. The social enterprise do not have a precise legal form, definitions tend to describe the functions of social enterprises. The functional approach seems to be appropriate analytical too, given the wide variety of legal forms in different countries covered by the concept (OECD, 1999).

One know American and European experiences which are different by the purpose of their activities inside the social enterprise, as the revenue generation vs. social benefit, the context of market economy vs. social economy, but also the legal regulations.
In Romania we also have experiences of social enterprise and the concept of social entrepreneurship is defined since 1850, but not even in the present times, there is not legal framework to develop the social enterprise activities, being mentioned only the concept of protected unit.

Which is the role of the social marketing in the development of the social enterprises? The identified connections between the public services, the allocated budgets, providers, beneficiaries – target groups, the forms of promotion and advertising of the social, educational, cultural, environmental or sportive projects between people, but also the analysis of the projects dynamics in a certain time frame, all these demonstrate the efficiency of applying the social marketing methods in the development of the projects that satisfy the needs of the citizens, but also the importance of the public authorities-private sector-NGOs partnership.
We consider that the marketing approach of social enterprise lies also in the instrumentation of marketing segmentation, the marketing segmentation and the target groups sizing, the knowledge of needs, the communication with the target groups and the promotion of the social enterprise.

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