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Ecological farming

“Green Plant Protection” is a Slovakian-Hungarian-Italian project promoting adult learning in ecological agriculture. It is developing an online database, accessible through mobile and handheld IT devices, on plant pests, diseases and methods, how to tackle these in an environmentally friendly way. More information available here:

The project „Green Plant Protection” was developed and is implemented by the Mögért Foundation (Hungary), the Slovak University of Agriculture (Nitra) and the Biocert foundation (Italy). Its aim is to create a website that enables interactive learning for adults int he field of ecological agriculture. The content of the website and related database, that can be used by mobile and handheld information technology devices anywhere, focuses on (plant) pests, diseases and methods how to tackle them int he framework of ecological agriculture. The project and its deliverables will offer additional career development training for users, and the practical implications of the project could significantly contribute to a reduction in the use of pesticides in agriculture, which are the main impacts envisaged.
Further information on the project in English, Slovakian, Hungarian and Italian is available here:
The consortium members’ websites:

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (Slovak Republic)

Mögért (Hungary)

Biocert (Italy)