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What design can bring to policy-making

I was at The Houses of Parliament this week to debate the future of the design and innovation industry in a Design Business Association-hosted roundtable chaired by Barry Sheerman MP. It was one of those rewarding events where the greatest challenge subtly revealed a most exciting opportunity.

The insights from agency CEOs revealed a ‘squeezed’ design industry going through a difficult transition:

  • Tighter budgets leave clients demanding more work for less money under incredibly tight timescales. There’s a feeling among practitioners that they are simply churning out design after design without applying the thoughtful creative process that insulates it as a craft.
  • The move to project over retainer relationships leaves agencies financially insecure and unable to provide long-term strategic planning and ‘off brief’ innovation consultancy that is central to competitive advantage.
  • As Asia establishes itself as an international design hub there is anxiety that brand London will become associated with ‘old design’ (typography and brand collateral) rather than the underlying ideas which are a much more precious commodity.
  • On the home front, the democratisation of design is making anyone with a mac a competitor. Agencies simply cannot compete with ‘two man bands’ that can knock out a logo from their bedroom for a couple of hundred pounds.

Please follow the link to read the full article. Source: Design Week