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The Social Design Methods Menu

The Social Design Methods Menu, written by Lucy Kimbell and intern Joe Julier, draws together several years of work bringing “designerly” approaches and methods to the delivery of ventures, products and services that address social needs or collective issues.

Contained within the Methods Menu is a collection of instructions and templates for public service managers, social innovators and entrepreneurs who are looking for a new way to address social issues, whether this is reducing homelessness or encouraging greater participation in the community from older people. Many of the ideas including the main templates have been used extensively in teaching design-based approaches to MBA students at Said Business School and to social entrepreneurs and innovators.

However, because the Methods Menu is designed to be both a manual and an introduction to “social design”, we have also endeavoured to outline and explain some of the broader concepts underpinning a “designerly” approach to the world. And, for those who like to dig a little deeper we have, whenever possible, signposted our influences and provided an introductory reading and watching list.

So please take a look. The beady eyed among you will notice this is a beta document, this means we would like to hear back from you. Tell us what you like and dislike and we can add in improvements for the next release.

How to get a free copy

Download from here (PDF format, 4 MB)


11 Jan 2013