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Innovation After Vienna

The Challenge Social Innovation event in Vienna in late-summer 2011 had a range of aims, among them, the alignment of the social sciences agenda and the social innovation agenda. 

Below, you can find the goals of the event, listed in the welcome address. 

  • Expectations in social innovations seem to increase boundless
  • At the same time scientific comprehension and methods of identification, development and measuring the impact of social innovations still fall short to meet such prospect
  • In general, innovation requires sound scientific foundations – more than ever in the globalised knowledge society of the 21st century
  • In order to improve adequate scientific concepts and methodologies concerning social innovations in a wide array of societal challenges, our aim was to assemble the leading brains in social innovation
  • The core objective is to strengthen social sciences and research pertaining to social innovation, focusing on the provision of knowledge applicable to change social practices – i.e. to generate social innovation
  • CSI-2011 shall establish research topics, research networks, and a firm concept of social innovation, leading to equal footing of social innovation compared to the prevalent notion of innovation in the corporate sector

How will these goals help increase the capacity of the social innovation community in Europe?

Are these goals in line with other agendas, or are their points of friction?