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New publication «Sharing Cities. A worldwide cities overview on platform economy policies with a focus on Barcelona»

Erdmuthe Klaer, REVES, Brussels

Issued on the occasion of the Sharing Cities Summit 2019 @sharebcn2018 (12-15 November 2018, Barcelona), this publication analyses the potential of those initiatives of the so-called platform economy that build their activities on the principle of social responsibility and a true general-interest orientation: Mayo Fuster and the Dimmons Research Group @dimmonsnet focus on an economic model which combines participatory governance, social & ecological responsibility and local roots with open knowledge and open technologies. 

The publication contains, inter alia, a number of examples of existing platforms in different countries and on different continents. In addition, the reader has the opportunity to get familiar with different kind of policy labs and with concrete platform policies of cities as monitors, regulators, promoters and collaborators.

The team of authors then looks at platforms and platform policies from a legal, quality and gender perspective, but also from the point of view of environmental sustainability.

Finally, the reader is provided with the results of research regarding the sharing system and platform economy in Barcelona which investigated 100 existing platforms and initiatives in 28 economic areas.

A must read for anyone interested in topics such as participatory governance, open platforms, platform cooperativism @platformcoop, local development, digital transition, #socialeconomy…, …

Download the book here: