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Introducing Design culture in Social Innovation and in the Public Sector

Francesca Rizzo, POLIMI, Milan

A hot topic workshop - organised by the Cities and Regions Network and hosted by the Politecnico of Milano on the 20th of November, 2018, has investigated how service and participatory design processes can be applied to foster innovation in the public sector, and how prototypes and small-scale experiments can be scaled and turned into diffused practices. The workshop has 15 participants invited to present to present research results coming from their recent and ongoing activities both in service design implementation projects as well as in reflective-oriented research on case studies, current practices, trends. In the afternoon a long discussion in group took place on the main questions:

  • What is the desired impact of design culture on public sector and on SI?
  • How can we introduce design culture as an agent of change in public organisations?
  • How can we relate design experiments to policy making to create impact and scale innovative solutions in the public sector?