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Frontiers of Social Innovation

Alvaro Luna García, University of the Basque Country

The Standford Social Innovation Review –one of the most leading and influential publications in SI theory, practice and research–, #standfordSIReview will be organizing the conference Frontiers of Social Innovation #frontiersofSI, that will be held the 21-22 of May 2018, in Standford University. #SIreserach.

The conference will count with a diversity of leading organizations and representatives, from non-profits, foundations and social entrepreneurs, to academia and research, policymakers, corporate social responsibility business representatives, etc. During the two day conference they will address, debate and discuss different approaches to contemporary global challenges #global challenge, and their impact at technological, social, political and economic levels through the following topics #SIimpact:

  • The Human Impact of Artificial Intelligence
  • Modern Slavery and Global Income Inequality
  • Social Innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Democracy and the Growth of Social Movements
  • Systems Change and Impact
  • Inclusion and the Rise of Societal Equity

For more information, please check the following link: