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Here you can find a list of SIC newsletters sent during the project. Clik on the links below for each newsletter. 

The SIC newsletter shows the latest in Social Innovation News from around Europe, as well as key SIC achievements. 


January 2018: Help SIC co-produce a European Declaration for Social Innovation and more!

November 2017: SIC in Lisbon, new ways of learning, ensuring cross-sector collaboration & more!

September 2017: Introducing SIC's BRAND NEW Learning Resource

August 2017: Building inclusive cities, social innovation ecosystems & brand new networks

April 2017: The best urban innovations, SI research landscape & more from SIC

April 2017: From Solar Powered Taxi's To Smart Cities: 14 European Urban Innovations 

March 2017: International Women's Day 

January 2017: How can cities share good practice?

January 2017: What to watch in Europe for 2017

December 2016: Eco homes for the homeless this Christmas

December 2016: Tackling food waste and homelessness in Ireland

November 2016: SIC launch event and more!

November 2016: Hope in divided societies