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Interview with Hotel Vision

Hotel Vision is a social business proposal for a hotel mainly run by people with a “refugee background”. The mid-class boutique hotel with 60 rooms will be located close to the new central station in Vienna. It will offer guests from around the world a smart, urban and multicultural “home” with a social bonus. 

What were your reasons for entering the European Social Innovation Competition?

The aim of entering the EU Social Innovation Competition was to get validation for the concept. We were also excited by the fact that it offered the opportunity to interact with social innovation experts and receive advice and help with the project, so ensuring that it was a robust business idea and giving us a good foundation for developing a successful social business.

What did you learn throughout the experience of being involved in the European Social Innovation Competition?

We learned how to finalise our idea and explain it in a summarised manner. It is important to be able to sell the concept within a few sentences so this was extremely valuable. We also learned a lot by meeting with other semi-finalists and hearing and interacting with their ideas and projects. The competition also allowed us to establish partners by giving all important access to experts and networking opportunities.

How has Hotel Vision developed since entering the competition last year?

The project has really developed and we will be launching in June 2014, which is very exciting. To see Hotel Vision develop from an idea to a reality is very rewarding.

What is your impression of social innovation across Europe?

Social innovation is a sector that is growing across Europe. It is a diverse area that has the potential to bring a positive impact to society and as such should be supported.