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Public sector innovators

Network description

The public sector social innovation network aims (a) to create connections between civil servants (mainly medium-ranking officials) at European level, (b) to promote learning across different policy areas (at regional level) and (c) to promote social innovation policies and/or programmes in at least three of these five policy areas: employment, health, education, social services and environment. The public sector social innovation network is not a network that connects civil servants with citizens; it is a network that seeks to strengthen and systematize social innovation learning and knowledge across the public sector and European regional administrations.

Social innovation relevance

The public sector social innovation network promotes connections between civil servants at different European levels. Medium-ranking officials receive too little attention from actors involved in promoting policies on social innovation. The Public Sector Social Innovation Network is relevant because it creates a community of social innovation within the European public sector made up of public entrepreneurs with intermediate policy decision- making powers.