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Interview with Mama CoWork

Mama CoWork aims to create and develop a co-working office for mothers, especially self-employed, freelancers, part-time worker, e-workers and job-seekers. “Mama CoWork” enables mothers move towards work by offering them: space (office and equipment), time (child care on site), networking (peer network and membership club), qualifications/skills/knowledge development (training, coaching and career counseling) and capacity building (business incubator).

What were your reasons for entering the European Social Innovation Competition?

The main reason we applied to the EU Social Innovation Competition was to prove the innovative social value of the project and also to gain the seed capital to implement this idea.

What did you learn throughout the experience of being involved in the European Social Innovation Competition?

We learned a number of things from this project. Firstly, it is important to know how to explain, in a concise manner, what your innovation is about. It is necessary to be able to do this so that you can spread the idea, especially among your target group. We also believe it is crucial to gain supporters for the idea and convince them that it is a great idea. It is also important to discuss the idea with people from various areas/sectors to get different points of view and expertise.

How has Mama CoWork developed since entering the competition last year?

We found partners who are willing to test part of our idea, and the testing stage has just started. We also went to London on a study visit which has enabled us to see a similar innovation in action which was really helpful.

What advice would you give to someone considering entering the competition?

We would advise anyone to take advantage of the whole program and get to know the experts involved in it. It is essential to be specific when explaining what your idea is about. It is also important to speak to as many people as possible about the innovative characteristics of your project and to disseminate it through social media.

What is your impression of social innovation across Europe?

Social innovation across Europe is an exciting area that involves interesting ideas and open-minded people. It is a field that the European institutions are supporting more and more, highlighting that it is a priority for them to support innovative projects. 


Karolina Dorożała – Project Manager (MA), trainer and dance therapy instructor (Tanzterapie Zentrum Berlin), graduated in cultural studies (European University Viadrina).  Board member of G10 Foundation.

Kamila Jeżowska - Hułas - Psychologist (MA) and lawyer (MA), trainer and certified coach. Interested in work-life balance innovative approaches and techniques. Board member of G10 Foundation.