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A brighter future for Europe: Innovation, integration and the migrant crisis

On 11-12 April, Social Innovation Europe will be hosting an event, funded by the European Commission and organised in partnership with the Impact Hub Siracusa, in Siracusa, Sicily.

The unprecedented flows of migrants approaching Europe is confronting the European Union and its Member States with a series of complex challenges. It raises fundamental questions about the social and cultural fabric of European societies. Ingenuity, vision, as well as political will and an efficient use of resources are required if we are to find ways to deal with this on going, unabated crisis.

This two-day gathering bringing together approximately 60 - 80 policymakers, foundations, academics, social entrepreneurs, and local communities to meet some of the most innovative projects around Europe that have the potential to contribute improving the longer term, sustainable integration of migrants in communities across Europe.

In addition to learning and sharing, this event is also a call to action. Projections are steady for increasing flows of migrants toward Europe, so we need to work together to co-create a brighter future.

Read the full event description: EnglishItalian  You can also see the programme booklet here.