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Funding Innovation

There is rising investment in social innovation coming from both public, private. and third-sector organisations. In particular, philanthropy and larger foundations are increasing their investment, but also the strategic focus as to how to best invest and fund for reaching highest social outcome. The Funders network focuses on building capacity for the operations of Funding and Investment actors, as well as enabling a stronger collaboration helping to align the collective societal impact obtained by a wider social innovation community.

Meet your Network Facilitators...

Julie Munk and Lorna Reed are facilitating this network on behalf of Social Innovation Exchange. 

Julie Munk

Julie is an experienced innovation manager. Throughout her career, she has passionately been exploring how to most effectively run innovation labs, enable collaborative learning environments and co-design solutions to deal with complex social challenges. She has been doing this from multiple platforms – including in public institutions (e.g. engaging in innovation projects at Danish innovation unit MindLab), business (e.g. fostering start-up environments at Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research), academia (e.g. leading research platforms and labs at the CBS Public-Private Platform) and NGOs (e.g. directing Social Responsibility programmes at Roskilde Festival or as board member at Transparency International)
At SIX Julie is responsible for developing strategic content, collaborations and projects.

Julie holds an MSc in Political Communication and Management from Copenhagen Business School and a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Organization studies. She is a Prince 2 certificated project manager and a trained research fellow. 

Lorna Reed

Lorna has a Bachelor in History from the University of Nottingham and an MA in European Urban Cultures. Prior to joining SIX, she was invited to be the UK representative at the 19th ASEF Summer School in Pune, India, looking at sustainable urbanisation in heritage cities. Lorna is responsible for curating content for the website, managing communications and the overall managment of the SIC networks. 

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