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Funding Innovation

There is rising investment in social innovation coming from public, private and third-sector organisations. In particular, philanthropy and larger foundations are increasing their investment, but also the strategic focus as to how to best invest and fund for reaching highest social outcome. The Funders network focuses on building capacity for the operations of Funding and Investment actors, as well as enabling a stronger collaboration helping to align the collective societal impact obtained by a wider social innovation community.


5 brilliant examples of actors funding social innovation that you need to know about

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Lankelly Chase

Robert Bosch Stiftug

European Commission SME instrument funding scheme

European Social Innovation Competition

If you want to know more, see here for our top 10 funding innovations across Europe. 


The network is open for everyone and we want to hear from you! 

If you would like to collaborate, share your work, or just get in touch, please let us know!

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