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As the role of digital technologies play continues to increase in our daily lives, as the benefits and risks of the internet become an ever-hotter topic of discussion and debate, and as the use of technology for social good attracts more attention, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s going on across - and beyond - Europe.

Luckily, there are people working hard to track, understand and curate the unprecedented flow of information, articles, podcasts, documentaries, books and reports in the field.

These five newsletters will help you keep up to speed with the world of digital social innovation.  

NB: These are all English language. If you know of great newsletters in other languages, let me know! You can contact me on

  1. GovLab Digest

    Every Friday, the folks at New York University’s GovLab bring together top research covering innovation in governance, digital social innovation and public sector reform from across the world - including a welcome focus on innovation in the developing world. The Digest tends to focus on academic and think-tank outputs, so is particularly useful for researchers and policymakers.
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  2. The Web This Week

    The Web Foundation’s new “The Web This Week” newsletter offers a great collection of articles and stories in diverse fields including algorithms and AI digital inclusion, access and affordability, privacy, fake news, gender equality, and open data. Whatever your focus or interest, you’re bound to find interesting content here.
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  3. apolitical Weekly Briefing

    apolitical is a global network for public sector innovators with a jam-packed weekly newsletter of stories of innovation from around the globe. While not exclusively focused on digital social innovation, lots of the material they include features innovative uses of emerging and established technologies.
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  4. Exponential View

    Azeem Azhar’s weekly Sunday newsletter provides you with carefully-curated content to last the week. Focusing on the more cutting edge of technology, Azeem - along with the occasional guest curator - shares content on topics like AI, machine learning, biotechnology, data protection, cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies. It’s not all social impact-focused, but it is all interesting.
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  5. Digital Social Innovation

    The EU-funded Digital Social Innovation for Europe (DSI4EU) project, which works closely with Social Innovation Community, shares blogs, case studies and events about DSI in Europe. While on hiatus at the moment, it will be relaunching in January and is worth signing up to in advance.
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