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Maker Labs

What is a MakerLab?

MakerLab is an open discussion powered by prototyping and making.
The MakerLab is a nomadic learning environment and process incubator, open to all and always evolving.

The MakerLab is formed by local participants and individuals from an international community. It serves as a catalyst for local manufacturers, designers, and educators, connecting them to the general public and together creating a larger movement towards smarter, more collaborative production.

The modular nature of the MakerLab allows it to adapt to its local environment and resources. Tools and processes are flexible, and easy to learn and master. Everything we do is open, which means that new participants, skills, and procedures are always welcome and always evolving.

Documentation and peer-to-peer learning is central to our efforts and fuels local, regional, and global collaboration with other makers and the general public.

We commit ourselves to find what is new and exciting, promoting a continuously challenging, iterative way to do things, to share our results, and broadcast the dialogue about these common findings.

We bring an open process. Creating an environment for exploration and innovation. The MakerLab adapts to it’s contextual environment, both engaging and provoking through action combined with reflection.

As the MakerLab evolves both prior to and during the event, it is hard to define exactly what will take place. But, while it is difficult to define, the MakerLab has is certain qualities that, while evolving, describe the possible outputs best:

  • Share: Creating a pool for Knowledge and skills.
  • Collaborative: Learning to build upon each other’s work.
  • Engagement: What matters is the process, and how do we engage participants in.
  • Digital: An open, low cost, flexible and high quality medium to express our self.
  • Peer review and documentation: Learning and developing together.
  • Open: Expertise, space and tools are open for spontaneous actions/proposals
  • Making: We don’t just talk about it, we prototype concepts on the spot.

The MakerLab construct belongs to everybody, however we kindly ask that you link to this page and contribute to our shared experience. Also if you would like to organise you’re own MakerLab please get in touch so you can promote your activities through this site.

All text was sourced from Maker Labs