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Large Scale Social Innovation

Neglected buildings, green-house emissions, child poverty – this is the situation in many of Europe’s tower-blocks. Could these problems be turned into the foundation for new forms of cooperation, better use of public money and true place-making with people at the centre? This approach is now being tried out in the “Regeneration dialogue” in Lindängen, an area of apartment blocks built in the 1970s, with employment levels below 50% in Malmö, Sweden.

In short: the idea is to develop a prototype for an area-based investment fund for social and environmental sustainability. Developing such a fund can be the vessel to bring together actors from the private, public and civic sector in a process to jointly understand and develop solutions for local areas, like Lindängen.

This will be done through a step-by-step approach that initially focuses on both values and monetary streams in these neglected areas. Since these areas generally lack bigger manufacturing or service employers, “value” is often tied to housing property. However, in Lindängen this in risk of serious deterioration. One part of the equation is the pent-up investment needs, including investment needed for energy efficiency.

To read the full article, please follow the link to Urban Times, where this item was originally published.