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Gender and Migration

This document, published by Center for Social Innovation Vienna, has been elaborated under the European funded project GEMMA ( which aims to improve the flow of communication between researchers, policy‐makers and civil society organisations in the field of Gender and Migration

1. Introduction

The objective of this SWOT analysis is to develop synthesis papers on Civil Society Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT). Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) can be both users and producers of research results. A growing number of CSOs across the European Union have a working focus on encouraging the integration of migrant populations into European societies. In recent years a number of European CSO umbrella organisations and networks have sprung up all over Europe in order to stimulate well‐informed debate on migration and migration policies. SWOT aims at exploring the issues concerning collaboration between researchers and civil society organisations and developing a set of priorities arising from national and European level research on gender and migration. In part, the problems stem from a general lack of dissemination of research findings produced at the European level to the national level. There is often also a lack of clarity as regards the different priorities of researchers and civil society organisations.

A national workshop was organised in order to analyse the specific weaknesses and strengths of the dialogue between researchers and CSOs in Austria. The Austrian system does not provide structured opportunities for a dialogue between those groups. On an individual level, researchers and members of CSOs do communicate, but on an institutional level, they do not meet and exchange their viewpoints and competences regularly. There is no regular forum or discussion platform. Therefore, it was necessary to
assess the current status and to analyse strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, in order to develop recommendations for a better cooperation between both groups. GEMMA was the first project that took the initiative to deal with these questions.

To read the report please follow this link.