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Case Study: Equal Society

Primary Area of Work

  • Employment, Education, Health, Social Insurance,The Environment and Green Growth, Entrepreneurship (including social entrepreneurship)
  • Non-Profit, Non- Governmental Organization (NPO, NGO)


We are inspired by the financial problems in Greece that are getting worse and worse the last two years. As a consequence, they caused lack of the welfare state, the support of family structures, youth, the elderly and the minorities.


Our main goals are:

  • The creation of a society of solidarity through open discussion.
  • The advancement of employment and Lifelong Learning.
  • Information on labour and insurance legislation issues.
  • Program Implementation, conducting surveys and conference organization, meetings at national and European level, new job vacancies, policies and re-entrance into the labour market.
  • Support of social groups who face unequal access to the labour market (women, young people, the disabled, the long-term unemployed, immigrants, former substance addicts, ex-convicts etc).
  • Promotion and Implementation of educational programs of professional training and skills building.
  • The mobilization and motivation of citizens for the social enterprises creation as a response to the financial crisis since the social entrepreneurship in Greece reaches 0,2%

National Context

Equal Society is the only non profit, non Governmental organization in Greece that focuses on the unemployment combat and the education support through trainings and Life Long Learning programs. It also promotes the Green Growth and the new forms of entrepreneurship such as the social entrepreneurship, which is a new model in Greece, strengthening and empowering the social enterprises.

Biggest Challenges

Since our main purpose is the job finding, we have to deal with the people’s anxiety, resentment and concern. The little job opportunities that exist and the insufficient information to the public (the information does not reach the public) have generated a big challenge for our tasks. A striking example of this challenge is the career exhibition we successfully organized in Patras which is one of the first cities in Greece with high unemployment rate. To specify, we managed to mobilize the public institutions such as the European organization-EURES, the ministry of Labor, the ministry of Education, educational institutions and 22 private and multinational companies in western Greece region.

Biggest Successes

One of our biggest successes would consider the implementation of the largest program of corporate social responsibility, E-gnosis (, which provides 10.000 unemployed, students and other vulnerable groups with the basic skills of computers.

Simultaneously, we are one of the organizers of the greater International Exhibition «Education and Employment» in March with the participation of 200 universities from Greece and abroad, private companies and European and public institutions.

In addition, we appointed as one of the official NGOs, which is going to run the Community Service Program that provides paid employment for 10.000 unemployed in social services for 5 months. This program is based on partnerships with the largest municipalities of Greece.

Finally, since December 2011 we have been running the program “Pyxida”, which includes 10 career seminars step by step for job seekers. About 1000 unemployed attend these seminars, among which young people look for their first job and other individuals who recently lost their jobs

Change Agents

Frementitis Spiros, President Moumoutzis Nektarios, Vice President Tsigiannis Vasilis, General Secretary Korentzelos Apostolis, Treasurer Mattheou Andreas, deputy general secretary, Legal Adviser Kolytas George, member, officer in Corfu Annex