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Community-led innovation

Community-let innovation network focused on grassroots networks and organisations that are deeply embedded within their communities, and who seek to tackle the everyday challenges experienced by individuals and neighbourhoods.

Meet your Network Facilitators...

Monica Nagore and Hannah Rich are co-ordinating the community-led innovation network on behalf of The Young Foundation.


Mónica is a Senior Associate at the Young Foundation, specializing in European and International Projects. She has a long track record and keen interest in social innovation, previously working for the City of York Council as Innovation Manager. Her past experience has involved facilitating and piloting a range of participatory civic projects, including open innovation models for involving citizens in public design, people-centred approaches for re-designing public services, and improved models for access to social services for at-risk groups.

Monica is passionate about people and believes that believes technology provides us a golden opportunity to involve a much wider group in the change and decision-making processes we need for a better world. Do not miss it!

Hannah Rich

Hannah Rich is a research assistant at the Young Foundation, working on a range of place-based and social innovation research projects. She is interested in how understanding community dynamics and experiences can lead to better policy-making. Hannah is particularly passionate about finding ways to increase citizen participation in politics, both locally and nationally. She has a background in the voluntary sector and has worked on community action projects in several European countries. She also previously worked in social enterprise development for a learning disability charity.

Hannah has a master’s degree in Inequalities and Social Science from the London School of Economics and an undergraduate degree in French and Spanish from Durham University


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