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TFC 2017

An opportunity to discover the keys that encourage the economic paradigm shift and to explore the initiatives that put it into practice. An opportunity to receive advanced and intensive training on the other economies at the hands of the best experts. An opportunity for local collaborative projects and initiatives to get to know each other and connect and advance in the construction of a collaborative ecosystem in Tenerife and the Canary Islands.


  • How to develop a true sharing economy focused in the benefits of all and not in the profits of a few global platforms?
  • How to foster collaborative territories that strengthen capacities, encourage creativity and boost the collective intelligence of its inhabitants?
  • How to adapt the emerging experiences of collaborative and commons cities to insular contexts?
  • How to renew and update the processes of participation and citizen collaboration mechanisms to take advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies?


TFC 2017 is an intensive immersion and a story full of experiences and inspiration about new economic and social proposals by renowned experts. Political leaders and technicians of public administrations, trainers, students, groups and people who promote social and solidarity initiatives, companies committed to the environment, citizens who seek to channel or activate their desire for change, ... everyone can learn and be inspired by TFC 2017.


At TFC 2017 we will enjoy the opportunity to know and recognize each other. Making friends and discovering possibilities for collaboration is easier in an environment that encourages interaction.

At TFC 2017 we will have plenty of time, space and moments to ask, chat, eat together, have fun, share experiences and projects.


And after that, what. We'll leave for sure with a backpack loaded with ideas, inspirations and discoveries. But also methodologies and tools to boost our previous projects and eager to collaborate in some of the concrete initiatives we have known.

TFC 2017 will not be a punctual and temporary act. Among all, we will give continuity. We will not have to wait until TFC 2018 to reload the collaborative stacks and resume the pending tasks.