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Given how sharing and collaborative platforms have changed our daily lives, it’s not surprising that they’ve received huge amounts of attention from the media in recent years, covering everything from emerging technology to workers’ rights and from ownership to safety.

While the potential of collaborative platforms for social impact has often been overlooked in these discussions and debates, we’re now seeing growing interest which has been accompanied by new media attention, resources and research.

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  1. Ouishare

    Ouishare is a non-profit network, think tank, magazine working hard to shape new economies and build a more collaborative society based on fairness, openness and trust. OuiShare's newsletter brings together exciting content as well as updates about events and what's going on around the global network. 
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  2. Shareable

    California-based Shareable is a hub for news, action and connections related to the sharing and collaborative economy, with a particular focus on grassroots and socially-oriented (and not always tech-driven!) initiatives. Their weekly newsletter is full of stories from across the world alongside updates on recent and upcoming events. Shareable 
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  3. Collaborative Economy Research Library

    Aimed primarily at the academic world, the Research Library collates and curates high-quality literature on the collaborative economy. Every month, the team sends a newsletter rounding up the best new work emerging from universities and other research institutions, with a different theme every month. 
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  4. shareNL

    shareNL has been at the cutting edge of collaborative economy research and practice for some years now, working with governments, businesses and civil society to understand how tech-driven but also offline collaborative models can deliver a more sustainable, just and efficient economy. Their regular newsletter explores a different theme every week, with recent editions looking at topics like the internet of things and sharing cities. 
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  5. Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    While the circular economy has developed as a topic of research and practice in its own right, it is closely linked with the methods and values of the collaborative economy. The Ellen Macarthur Foundation works with young people, businesses, government and academia to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. Its newsletter shares news, updates and research. 
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