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Climate Innovation Network

SIC's Climate Innovation Network will focus on local social innovation for climate action, and will be run by ECOLISE, a shared platform for learning, action and advocacy for communityled initiatives on climate change and sustainability in Europe. Through this network, SIC recognises:

● the need for urgent action, at all levels and by all stakeholders, to combat climate change and move towards sustainable development; 

● the need to create an implementation framework that promotes long-lasting impacts, addressing root causes and not just symptoms of unsustainable lifestyles;

● the huge upsurge in local, community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability in recent years and the opportunity this presents to greatly accelerate the transformation to a low-carbon society;

In this context, the ECOLISE strategy focuses on facilitating dialogue between EU policy makers and grassroots, community-led social innovators addressing climate change and sustainability on the development of a policy framework that accelerates the transformation to a low carbon society in Europe, ‘living well within the limits of our planet’. On the research side, there is already a compelling evidence base within published academic research for the effectiveness of the community-led approach: studies show that CO2 emissions in Danish ecovillages are 60% lower than the national average, while in Scotland, evaluations of community initiatives highlight their contribution to longterm lifestyle change. Nonetheless, significant barriers to interaction with mainstream discourse and lifestyles still exist, isolating key social innovations that could promote sustainability in wider society.

Overcoming these barriers in order to support a wider replication and up scaling of such local social innovations is the main goal of the network. We will push further the local social innovations’ component of this evidence base, highlighting the transformative potential of social innovation in grassroot approaches to climate action.


Meet your network facilitator...

Eamon will be running the Climate Innovation Network on behalf of ECOLISE. 

Eamon O'Hara

Eamon O’Hara is the Executive Director, former President and co-founder of ECOLISE, the European Network for Community-Led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability. Eamon has over 20 years experience in the management and networking of community-led initiatives in Europe. Having worked in local development in Ireland in the 1990’s, in 2001 he helped develop Europe-wide networking of over 1,000 local development initiatives through the European LEADER Observatory. In 2007, he took charge of the external communications activities of LIFE, the EU programme supporting several thousand environment projects across Europe. Eamon holds a science degree and a masters in climate change and sustainable development.


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