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Taking the temperature on social innovation in regions

In the run up to our SIC Summer School in Turkey we turn the spotlight on social innovation in regions. There is a current trend of focussing on social innovation initiatives within cities as urban populations increase. That said, it is important that a balance be redressed between rural and urban innovation, as a means of building regional capacity. This small scan provides a quick deep dive to some of the great case-stories, useful and new insights and events coming up.

We are determined to continue scanning this field of innovation, so please share any other examples or cases that may be missing with us at or 

The Samsun Summer School will focus on regional ecosystems and institutional capacities for social innovation. In Turkey - as many other more regions globally - the breakdown of the population on the basis of rural areas and cities has shifted in favor of the cities and this is a trend that continues. The ratio of urban population increases the rural population will continue to diminish. The method of establishing a new balance between the rural areas and cities will continue being determined by the characteristics of the region, and as societies, it is essential, that we strengthen the capacity for social innovation in regions.

Reports and newest insights

Social innovation in regions can be difficult to address in depth without also taking into account urban innovation that runs in parallel. A current event (SIC Conference on Cities and Regions) hosted by the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and Reves (SIC Partner) shed light on this topic and how insights contribute to the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Read more about the event and outcomes here.

Download the complete mapping and case-collection: Regional Innovative Ecosystems: Leaning from the EU’s Cities & Regions

Find below a list of varied resources and events that provide an insight into the theme of regional social innovation.

Things you should know

Events - what is coming up