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Innovazione Sociale, Made in Italy

Can emerging social innovation in Italian territories and cities collaborate to change patterns of administration? What are the necessary elements to social innovation, that is what creates a favorable environment for social innovation in Italy? We asked these questions to more than 60 social innovators at Italian FORUM PA 2012, in the session "Social Innovation made in Italy. Work in progress ", organized in collaboration with Studio Artea, Aequinet Hub, Fondazione Mondo Digitale, I-SIN - Social Innovators Network Italians, Science Park, University of Rome - Tor Vergata. Here are summarized the indications that emerged in seven thematic areas - Education, Finance, Governance of the Commons, Entrepreneurship, Science and Society, Technology, Welfare - looking for general guidelines useful for policy makers (and others). 

Please follow the link to FORUM PA for the full report (in Italian)