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Highlighting brilliant case studies within the Urban Context: Taste of Home (“Okus Doma”)

From culinary and cultural research project to sustainable cooperative run by immigrants and asylum seekers

A Taste of Home started as a culinary-cultural-research project that introduced the culture, customs and societies of origin of the refugees in Croatia by recording their memories of home, smells and tastes of their cuisine. This was an experiment in sharing life stories and culinary skills of refugees and people from Croatia. By preparing food of their home, refugees were evoking memories and creating new experiences in their new home. Their vision was a colorful world embraced in hospitality. Their mission underlined economic emancipation of refugees and persons with migrant background through culinary and cultural exchange. They were led by values of appreciating human beings and their needs - Human beings in search of happiness and safety ready to offer the best of them – tastes of their childhood and youth hood as well as tastes of their adulthood in new society. Their resources were tastes of middle-eastern, Arabic, African and Asian cuisine (rather unrepresented in Croatia).

In considering what is domestically a mechanism for people to gain familiarity and put aside potential differences, the idea of using food and a bridge to help the domestic population connect with the immigrating population became an easy selection. Domestically gastronomy is a part of the fabric of life in Croatia and a willingness to experience new foods is an aspect of that.

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