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Highlighting brilliant case studies within the Urban Context: Learning Through REAL Projects

Presenting our new series: Highlighting brilliant case studies within the Urban Context. Our Cities and Regions network has scoured Europe to bring together the best examples of innovation happening within the urban context. The series includes 14 examples from around Europe. 

The case describes the processes of learning involved in the ‘Learning Through REAL Projects’ programme developed by the Innovation Unit and the Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF). £906,000 of funding was given by the EEF to investigate the efficacy of project-based learning in raising educational attainment and engagement in UK schools.

This case can be seen as an example of multiple intermediaries cooperating in order to design, pilot, implement and evaluate a project of work. In particular, it demonstrates social innovation in the field of education, through the implementation of an approach which had not previously been attempted in the UK context.

It illustrates some of the challenges of intermediary-led research with randomised elements. The project protocol has been refined to reflect some of the budgetary and time-related challenges relating to the RCT phase, as well as practicalities which have changed.

The learning methodologies applied during the intervention are mirrored by some of the processes of learning for intermediaries, demonstrating the value of situated learning for all stakeholders. This also provides an interesting insight into real-world research with accessible output and dissemination of findings.

The full report is available on the right hand side of this page.