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Relay #1

Relay #1:  Transformative Impact
Nov 15th, 2017 – Jan 17th, 2018

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On the 15th of November 2017, the runners of Relay#1 met in Rotterdam for a full day training focusing on how social innovation can increase its transformative impact: it’s ability to challenge, alter and/or replace dominant institutions and structures.

In the inspiring setting of Belvedere House of Stories, a diverse group of 18 engaged participants came together to learn more about the topic from expert speakers and from each other's experience.  

A core part of the programme was the ‘Dare-to-ask’ format in which participants helped reformulate and answer each others learning questions. This part of the programmes was designed to provide a fertile starting ground for the online interactions of the ‘runners of the relay’ in the weeks to follow.  

During the relay ‘runners’ have been providing input to each others learning questions in smaller LinkedIn groups (see 'Rules of the Game'). Next, to this, they have also been challenged to organise a ‘ripple effect activity’ around one of the tools that were presented during the workshop. For more information see the brochure of the Relay #1 and the Workshop Programme.

Meet the ‘runners’

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To get an impression the runners of the first relay take a look at an overview of the 'Relay Runners'  and the Kumu network map below.  As the first relay comes to a close, we hope to be able to share some of their learning journeys and reflections.

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This map made on Kumu by one of the relay participants, showcasing an overview of the focus, needs and offerings of the community revolving around the first Social Innovation Relay. Click on the picture for link.


The first relay was organised by DRIFT in collaboration with three SIC network facilitators that were actively involved in the relay: Julie Munk as coordinator of all SIC’s network facilitators, Aleksandra Kowalska for the Social Economy network and Alvaro Luno for the Public Sector Innovators network.

Interested in taking part in the next relay?

Relay #2 will be organised by SIL and will take place in Zagreb. The kick-off workshop for the second relay will be held on the 15th of March 2018. More information about the programme and how to register will be added in January. More information will be available here.


Downloads for further information
Download "Programme"
Download 'Rules of the Game'
Download list of participants - the 'Relay Runners'
Download the brochure of the Relay #1