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Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

The Social Innovation Learning Relay aims to boost the transformative impact of your initiative and network and will help you to:

  • Gain new knowledge & skills with regard to transformative impact
  • Strengthen the story behind your initiative or project
  • Apply newly acquired knowledge & tools in a peer-to-peer learning environment
  • Develop system awareness and see how your initiative relates to larger social change processes
  • Establish new connections at a personal level & with other social innovation networks and initiatives

What do you bring?

  • Motivation & curiosity to be part of an experimental learning format
  • Communication: share experience, knowledge and network
  • Participation: in workshop and final skype session
  • Action: organise a ripple effect activity during the two month period of the relay
  • Time investment during relay: +- 4 hours a week during 4-5 relay rounds.

What we will provide

We will provide theoretical framing and content during the kick-off workshop and a fertile ground to spark continued interactions and knowledge exchange. We will also provide an online platform to showcase your initiative and learning process, access to people in networks of SIC partners and support during the relay (reflection and suggestions).