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SUMSIC Turkey 2018

#SUMSIC 2018:
Regions as Social Innovations Ecosystems? Rural Ecosystem and Institutional Capacities

"Regions as Social Innovations Ecosystems? Rural Ecosystem and Institutional Capacities"

Together with the Middle Black Sea Development Agency, Samsun (OKA), a regional public body located in Samsun, Turkey, SIC will host a Summer School between 8-11 May, 2018 with a main focus on the correlation between social innovation and rural development.
The event is free of charge and all interested are welcome to apply for participation. An application form can be found here

The SIC Summer Schools are participatory learning events that happen all over Europe. Each Summer School includes inspirational keynote speakers, problem solving exercises and local site visits. Participants include researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and rural social entrepreneurs. The SIC Schools provide a chance for you to meet your peers, learn about local and global case studies, share your challenges, and work with other participants to develop solutions together 

Setting the scene of SUMSIC in Samsun, Turkey:

The Middle Black Sea Region has a geographical dilemma among 4 city centers combining urban and rural areas and a total population of 2.773.386 inhabitants. There are economical and social differences between inner regional  areas which is also the main focus of the Middle Black Sea Development Agency to decrease inner regional differences among the region.

The Middle Black Sea Regional Innovation Strategy 2013-2023, puts emphasis on encouraging and disseminating social innovation and innovation in public services in order to raise regional  awareness on social innovation.
One of the  key factors of the region is that the economic background of the region is depending on agriculture. Therefore, the development of social innovation in rural ecosystems should be taken into consideration, but at the same time it is necessary to focus on  meanwhile the regional transformation into the technology investment and human resource development and integration of the society in the concept of innovation.

Key questions we will address include:

●  What is social innovation? How can it help us think differently? How can we use social innovation tools and techniques to solve local and regional challenges?

●  What are the best rural social innovation initiatives and what can we learn from them?

●  What can the rural development and social innovation fields learn from each other?

We will be bringing global social innovation experts from across to the globe to meet local practitioners and rural development experts to Samsun for 3 days this May and we hope you can join us!

The Summer School is free, participants are chosen through a selection process. Please fill in the Application form​ by April ​16​ and send it together with a CV to ​​.
We will notify successful applicants of their chance for participation.

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