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Introducing our Learning Resource

A ready-to-use toolkit and resource bank to guide and inspire your SI work.

Over the last year, SIC partners have been working hard to bring you the Learning Repository, a one stop shop for innovation tools and resources throughout Europe. 



The SIC learning repository is an online, open resource available for innovators, researchers and policy makers to improve their skills in design for Social Innovation.

The Learning Repository is a handbook, a collection of tools, resources, methods and case examples helping guide and inspire your SI practice. The online platform is a product of SIC that will ensure a sustainable continuation and maximised impact of the project.

This collection of tools was developed and tested in 5 social innovation contexts across Europe - Italy, Estonia, Croatia and Norway. The SIC Learning Repository tools can support you to develop and grow solutions to social challenges in your city. 

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The learning repository contains the following:


The Handbook of Social Innovation  Where you can find learning materials and tools to help you develop social innovation in your own context. 


The Collection of Tools Developed during SIC's experimentation work, mentioned above. Browse the tools and find those best suitable to your needs in different moments of your SI development process.


The Resource section contains links and references (projects, toolkits, articles and other materials) to online resources external to the world of SIC, but that will teach you more about social innovation processes, solutions and best practice.  


The Collection of SIC Case Studies  Showcasing amazing examples of innovation happening around Europe. Our case studies were developed in order to understand the process of learning at work when starting a SI in different contexts.


Have a browse through the collections we have produced, and use our tools to further your own innovation. Most importantly, enjoy, and let us know your stories!

07 Aug 2017