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Case Studies

SIC has facilitated experimentation with social innovation in four European cities. Here we share short case studies of the processes in these four cities, in which local actors co-created innovative solutions to social challenges. You can learn more about the methodology that was used here. If you are curious about the solutions that were developed in each of these cases, you can find them here and here.

Networks of entrepreneurs for social change

Three of the organisations that experimented with the SIC methodology focused on engaging (social) entrepreneurs or creative professionals around social issues in their cities. In Oslo (Norway), social entrepreneurship hub SoCentral created a network to encourage initiatives for refugee inclusion in the workforce. In the small city of Pärnu (Estonia), the Pärnu Community Fund joined forces with coworking hub Forwardspace to create opportunities for young people in the city. Public and third sector partners collaborated with local entrepreneurs to develop work and training prospects. In Zagreb (Croatia), the Creative Industry Professionals Association CIPA engaged with civil servants to develop creative solutions to revive underused city spaces and tools for creative professionals to navigate the bureaucratic landscape, to make creative and social entrepreneurship more accessible in Croatia.

Social entrepreneurship hub in Oslo creates network to encourage refugee inclusion in the workforce

Creating opportunities for young people in Parnu, Estonia

What creative professionals have in common with public servants in Zagreb, Croatia​


Creating an ecosystem for social innovation with local governments

In the final two cases, local governments used the social innovation process and tools to develop public services and collaborations in innovative ways. The Municipality of Turin (Italy) broke the silos within the social services department, by designing a new comprehensive public service for families at risk of eviction. In Zagreb (Croatia), Social Innovation Lab worked with officials from the City of Zagreb. They engaged public officers around local issues like education for refugees and urban regeneration, to develop solutions and put social innovation on the local agenda.

Putting social innovation on the agenda in Zagreb

Radically innovating social services in Turin Municipality, Italy