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Become a SIC co-host tackling practical challenges in your city/region

Do you want to collaborate and continue to run SIC activities in your city or region? 

We are looking for partners who want to support and collaborate with us to continue to run SIC activities. For example, if you want to co-host a three-day, co-design workshop focussing on a challenge in your city, get in touch and we can host a Summer School together!

You can also get in touch if you are interested in the processes of experimentation.ant to develop a safe space for innovation? Reach out to us and we can help explore experimentation together in your city!

If you are developing your own social innovation strategy in your city or country, get in touch to see how you can use the #SIDeclaration to shape your social innovation policy.

If you want to develop any of the SIC activities in your city or region, please get in touch. We are more than happy to facilitate these, and to help build a stronger social innovation community across Europe together.

Find out more by contacting us at