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CrESSI final event

Creating Economic Space for Social Innovation. A final event is scheduled at Oxford Saïd on 26 January 2018 to present major outcomes emerged from the four-year EC project CrESSI.

CrESSI partners will present their major theoretical and practical findings on the economic underpinnings of social innovation in the European Union based on an interdisciplinary framework.

The CrESSI 'Extended Social Grid Model' draws from economics, ethics and sociology. Presentations will cover a range of social innovation issues, including impact measurement, finance, social policy, theory-building, all with a focus on enhancing the lives of the most marginalized and disempowered citizens through social innovation. 

The event will also include a keynote by economic sociologist Jens Beckert (Director of the Max Plank Institute for the Studies of Society - MPIfG), whose work has provided one of the main inspirations of the CrESSI-project -, Frank Moulaert (Professor of Spatial Planning, Head of the Planning and Development Unit ASRO, Faculty of Engineering, KU Leuven, Belgium) and Jürgen Howaldt (Director Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund Central scientific unit - University of Dortmund).Programme and registration form are now available at the Conference webpage.