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Best social projects of Ukraine 2015

Ukraine's path to sustainable development through economic and social integration into the European and world community is impossible without the restoration of trust, mutual responsibility and the setting of genuine partnerships in the triangle of government-business-society.

The third international "Forum Best Social Projects of Ukraine" (the Forum) strategy of which meets the objectives of the "Strategy for Sustainable Development" Ukraine - 2020, planned measures for the implementation of the Agreement with the EU. The strategy of the Global Partnership for the implementation of the UN Millennium Development Goals is to establish cross sectoral communication and social partnership, ensuring the integration of "social" and "environmental" aspects of sustainable development and efficient resource allocation in the social sphere. 

Currently the program of the Forum "Best Social Projects of Ukraine" presents a practical and efficient tool for monitoring and evaluation of social partnership progress and for targeted projects of aggregation (development of social services) as well as the generalized map of social projects industry participants (society-state-science-business). In the long term, through the coordination and patronage of the Government of Ukraine, the program of the Forum can be a driver of growth contribution from the third sector, socially responsible business in Ukraine's GDP.

The first stage of the program included acceptance of applications and project selection. The second stage involved evaluating the projects through a public where 26 projects were selected as semifinalists. The final stage was a conference in which the finalists were presented.

Learn more about these stages and the projects in the report: Best Social Projects of Ukraine 2015

03 Feb 2016