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The 4th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy, 15 - 16 June Sweden

On 15-16 June 2017, the 4th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy will take place in Lund. The workshop is arranged by the IIIEE together with the department of urban planning and environment at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology).

The sharing economy has recently resurfaced as a potential solution to multiple urban challenges. It has been growing at unprecedented pace and its annual growth exceeding 25% is predicted.

Although, sharing among families and friends has been a traditional form of exchange in human history, new forms of sharing between strangers enabled by digital technologies are emerging. The sharing economy is an umbrella term for a great variety of organisational models that are transforming market places and cityscapes, where goods and services, skills and spaces are shared, exchanged or rented and leased. Sharing in cities is especially promising due to high density of population with relatively high levels of income, which leads to abundant pools of underutilised assets, and due to the rapidly developing ICT sector, which increases connectivity between the users of sharing platforms.

The sharing economy is a global phenomenon and it seems to be here to stay. However, our understanding of its organisations, practices, processes and impacts is still in its infancy. Therefore, The 4th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy will explore conceptual, methodological and empirical questions such as concepts, methods, impacts, operations, geographical contextsactors and governance (click here for more information on the various workshop sessions).

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