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Third Forum of Social Innovation: March 2017, Valencia

Red Creactiva and Red Jovesolides are launching the third Forum of Social Innovation on 30th & 31st of March 2017

The Social Innovation Forum is a unique event to share the latest trends in social innovation, promote collective inspiration and facilitate contact between people who are passionate about solving social challenges in a different way. 

'Social innovation has grown quickly in Spain in the last 5 years, however, as the last report of COTEC Foundation indicates: “It is still an incipient movement full of modest initiatives”. In this initial field, but of constant stimulation, we come back within the III Forum of Social Innovation. The event is a space to promote social change in the world. It is a space to find solutions to current problems, and to do it through social innovation. The event that increasingly attracts more visitors will be happening on the 30th and 31st of March 2017 in Valencia.'

Under the motto "Discover, share and reinvent", this Forum is held once again owing to the success of the previous two editions. More than 500 people have already experienced the intense two days dedicated to discovering ideas for change, sharing them and reinventing the social reality we are living in.

Main objectives of this meeting:

On one hand, new trends of social innovation and social entrepreneurship fields will be displayed are. Also the networking will be facilitated between assistants in order to create a productive exchange, and share social innovative projects. Finally, collective inspiration will be promoted, putting innovative methods into practice.

This forum will be an orientation map for the designing of new strategies for reaching more equal models of society. It will be a meeting among professionals from the private, public and academic sectors that will develop their ability to produce real solutions to societal problems. 

The initiative is promoted by the Red CreActiva, a sum of social entities, companies, administrations and educational institutions that come together to promote social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Red CreActiva was formed in 2014 and driven by Jovesolides. In this 2 year period, CreActiva has developed 71 actions of promotion of social innovation and social entrepreneurship, in 11 countries of Europe and Latin America. In total, 28 laboratories of social entrepreneurship, 6 laboratories of social innovation, 3 forums and 31 communication events. Red CreActiva has managed to join more than 550 organizations and people in this network, and has published more than 70 news and testimonials of social innovation.

For more information and registration, please see here